Membership in the club is open to everyone.
Fee structure:
  •  Initial membership is $300.00
  • Monthly dues are $125.00
Licensed Pilots
  • C-172 is $25.00 per hour DRY
Student Pilots
  • C-172 is $50.00 per hour Dry
  • Fuel price at Winterset
  • Flight Instruction is $30.00 per hour offering
    Recreational, Private, and Commercial
At The Winterset Municipal Airport (3Y3)
Located in Winterset, Iowa
An affordable flying club with a Cessna 172N
Find out more about future
improvements intended for the
Winterset Airport:  
Winterset Airport Improvement
We are based at the Winterset Airport with easy
access from Hwy 169 2 miles north of downtown

Our C-172 is an IFR certified with dual nav-com
You can expect to pay $6000 to earn your Private Pilot Certificate in
as little as 12 months.
We offer introductory flights for as low as $69.00 in the Cessna 172 for 30 minutes.
 This provides you with an opportunity to make an educated decision whether or not
flying is for you.  As an added bonus you will get to view several of the famed
covered bridges of Madison County from high above.
If flying an airplane isn't enough for you why not visit our
friends at the
Des Moines Skydivers!
The Des Moines Skydivers
Winterset Aero Club
FAA approved medical examiners
Approved medical examiners